Plans for Locking Weapons Wall Rack


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Plans for Locking Weapons Wall Rack

I need plans and/or drawings for lockable weapons storage rack that can be configured easily for various types/calibers of long guns,subguns and handguns that I can mount in my reinforced concrete vault. In particluar, I need ideas for lock set up that is resistant to bolt cutters etc.

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Good Morning,

There are many things you can do. Master makes a super shrouded shackle padlock, and Here's a picture of a special lock/shackle combination. I have this on the doors my Locksmith truck. I recommend the Hasp part be welded to the framework it is protecting. (No bolts to cut either)

As I say, there are many ways to protect your guns. And the Vault is a super Idea. Hope this helps give you some ideas.


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