How to harden the exterior of your home?


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How to harden the exterior of your home?

Can someone recommend a place where I could find information on how to harden the exterior of my home to deter "smash-and-grab" theft? Most of the information I have found is related just to locks or alarm systems.

I think I'm beyond what I'd call "the basics"... (good lighting, proper landscaping, good quality locks, sticks in the sliding doors, etc.) and am looking for more advanced information or areas that I might not have thought of yet.

For example, I never would have thought about the emergency release on my garage door opener until I watched a cable "theif" show a couple of months ago.

When I call security companies, they only want to sell me an alarm... which really doesn't do you much good for smash-and-grab. (If you can get in and get out in 5 minutes or less with $10,000 worth of stuff, what good does an alarm do?)

When I ask locksmiths for 3-5 foot long door strikeplates, they point me at their inventory of 12 inch ones... which I don't think would do any good on my front door with sidelights and only 1/2" of wood between the window and the door.

When I ask glass repair shops or Window replacement companies about Lexan or window film to prevent a brick from going through the glass (at least on strategic windows such as the sidelight for my front door or the entire glass panes of my French doors), they look at me like I'm crazy.

Is there anywhere people discuss "home hardening" security issues?
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You seem to have a pretty good handle on the issues involved so your best bet is to do some googling. Most of the things you describe are specialty applications so not something normally dealt with locally or on a residential level. Most commercial establishments already have steel frames and doors.

I have never heard of 3-5' strike plate-contact a metal shop for custom work if you cannot find any ready made. Don-jo and Mag are major manufacturers.

Lexan would be obtained at a plastics dealer and can be cut with carbide blade wood working tools.

For burglar film( I googled this up for example:

There are a lot of options and it is only a matter of time, money and possibly aesthetics.
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Here is a new product

I just recently came across your question, I realize that it was a little while ago and didn't know if you had found an answer to your problem yet. Take a look at this new door jamb security product, I think it's something like what you were looking for.

Hope it helps.

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