Remote Door Locks


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Remote Door Locks

I am interested in installing a front door lock that is activated by remote control. Specifically from my car. Has anyone done this and are there any problems associated with this type of lock. db
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Welcome to the DIY boards donald.brooks;

There are a number of manufacterers who make remote controled deadbolt locks. A google search for "remote deadbolts" will find many for you.
From my experience, the operating range is limited to about 6 feet so it working from your car is not too likely. And unless the deadbolt lines up perfectly with the strike plate with no binding at all, you could'nt be sure it was securely engaged unless you tried the door after locking it.
If I were absolutely bent on locking my door remotely and cost was'nt a factor, I'd be more inclined to install a magnetic lock. They provide far more security than a deadbolt ever could, but the installation is far more complicated as well. And a remote deadbolt is usually operated by 4 penlight batteries where a magnetic lock is hard wired.
The cost would be somewhere in the range of about $1500.00 as opposed to the remote deadbolt starting around $150.00 here in Ontario (plus labour).
Hope that helps a bit.


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