removing thumbturn on a Schlage deadbolt


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removing thumbturn on a Schlage deadbolt

I just installed a Schlage BA 360 deadbolt, but unfortunately, the deadbolt itself is sticking out an 1/8 inch, so I need to remove it. However, I can't figure out how to remove the thumbturn that is keeping the rose in place that hides the screws. Does anyone know how to remove the thumbturn? To get the thumbturn on, I simply pushed until it clicked into place, but now it seems to be locked there. I'm hesitant to pry to hard, because I don't want to damage the decorative covering of the screws. Any help greatly appreciated.
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Welcome to the DIY boards woodcutwizard;

You should be able to release your thumbturn by pushing a pin into the little hole located on the side of the thumbturn. This will allow you to pull it off.
Hope this helps.

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Kwikset lock

I'm having the same problem with a Kwikset lock. Putting a pin in the hole has no effect. Is it supposed to release something? Help!
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Thumbturn Removal

There is a little 'Alan Key Bolt' that holds Thumbturns in, as well as most other Euro Style Double Glazing Door locks.

Open the door so that its side on so you can see where the locks actualy pop out. Just below the lower, deadlock, lock at the same level as the key lock, look for a liitle hole. You might need a tourch to see in it. This is where the little 'Alan Key Bolt' lives.

When reinstalling it seems to take forever to screw the 'Alan Key Bolt' back in, but its worth it. The further you screw it in the more secure the lock becomes. If you screw it in all the way the lock is solid in the door. Although, you might want to do the last bit of tightening after you've put the handle fixings, et cetera, back.

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