Where do I find a Schlage extended latch?


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Cool Where do I find a Schlage extended latch?


Trying to replace an old Qwikset lock with a new Schlage, but running into a problem. The Kwikset has a 5.875" latch, and the Schlage won't connect properly to work the latch. I can't find an extended Schlage so far. Is there a workaround anyone can suggest?


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Best to get the proper part for this. Should be a 5" backset you have. Edge of door to center of lock hole.

Schlage does make an extended latch. Have you checked around with your local locksmiths? They could order one if not in stock.

Big box and hardware stores typically do not have these low-demand parts. Have the model of you new lock handy. A Google search turns up many vendors with info. also.
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Another thing made that you could use is called a Latch Extension Link. It changes a standard 2 3/8" latch to a 5" backset. It's a little bit tricky to use however. With everything out of the door, attach the latch and the extension link together. (The extension fits on the latch just like the latch attaches to the lock). Slide that into the hole in the edge of the door. But, don't screw the latch in place just yet.

Next, install the lock in the door. Once you have it installed, check operation of the lock. Does it operate smoothly? The extension link has a spring inside, and the lock may feel stiff due to having to over come twice the normal spring tension.

If it is working smoothly, now is the time to secure the latch with the screws in the edge of the door. And that's pretty much it.

Good luck with your project. Please let us know how it goes?


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