Scratches on door handles


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Scratches on door handles

Is there any way to remove the scratches on brass door handles that have been caused by wedding rings?
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You MAY be able to buff them out with a polishing or rubbing coumpound. I would think that a small wheel (such as on a Dremel) would be the easiest. Good luck.
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Brass door handles are likely brass plated rather than solid brass. Polishing of brass would first require removal of protective lacquer finish with lacquer remover. If scratches are through the plating and showing metal beneath, corrosion will tend to penetrate through the plating. If this is the case, scratches can not be removed and discoloration is permanent. If solid brass restoration is possible. Lacquer can be removed, brass polished and wiped with lacquer thinner to remove polish residue before applying 2-3 coats of new spray lacquer.

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