Inside key required to open door from outside


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Inside key required to open door from outside

We recently installed a double cylinder lock on the front door of our rental property. However, a key needs to be inserted on the inside for the key on the outside to be able to turn. This does not make sense to me. I have had double cylinder locks before and never had this problem. I have had these type locks before and never had this problem. I like these locks for doors with large windows on them so one cannot break in and reach in to unlock a latch. If you need to leave a key inserted, doesn't that take the place of a latch?

thanks for your help.
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Hi lablover65,

And welcome to the board. From your post, you have more than one issue here. First of all, it sounds like something is very, very loose. The lock needs to be removed from the door, and one of the locks needs service. Your local locksmith can fix the problem. If they have a shop, take the lock in and save the Service Call.

Secondly, and this could be most important, being rental property, you may want to check with your local Fire Marshall about having a Double Cylinder Deadbolt on the door. Here in the Keys, it is Illigal to have them on rental property. The thinking here is that renters need to have 'one motion egress' in the event of a fire. Just food for thought.

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One additional thought-are you sure you installed everything correctly? On some locks it is possible to have the timing off, the position of the tailpiece as it engages the latch. This can cause a problem like you describe. Break out the instructions, if you still have them to double check.
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Sounds like you have a timing issue...

On a double cylinder deadbolt (depending on the brand) there can be a mistake when connecting the two sides together.

It sounds like you will need to adjust the position of the tailpiece on the back of one of the cylinders...

This should rectify the problem. It's usually an inexperience issue that stems from lack of installation experience.

Good luck...let us know if it works.
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Thanks for the advice. Showed hubby your responses and he took another look. The problem was due to inexperience. All is well now.

Thanks for your help!

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