Key is hard to get in & out of lock


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Key is hard to get in & out of lock

We just moved into a house with a Defiant deadbolt lock. Both keys are very hard to get into and out of the lock. They need to be "jiggled" and coaxed in and out and of course if it's raining, the key is that much harder to use.

Is there something that can be done to repair the problem (graphite powder?) or should I just replace the lock?
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Many prefer graphite for lubicating locks because oily lubricants can attract debris and gunk up the lock. If lubricating does not resolve your problem, it could be that you have a problem with the lock.
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Hi RB47,

Lubrication is a good place to start. Another thing to check for is whether the Key is bent. I know it sounds silly, but I see this alot with locks that are used frequently.

If the key is straight, and lubrication doesn't work for you, I would replace the lock. That's just a personal recommendation. I'm not a big fan of Defiant locks.


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Welcome to the forums, RB47!

If you do go with the graphite, go easy. A little goes a long way, I have run into more than one lock gunked up with it. I usually use Tri-flow myself, but everyone has their own preferences.

As cuedude mentioned, replace if the lubrication does not work but usually it will, barring other mechanical difficulties.

An ironic side note: it seems many of the cheapest generic locks have the most powerful sounding names, ie. Defiant, Fortress and a couple others I cannot remember. That's marketing for you. If you do replace, I would consider a different brand.

Let us know how it works out.
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All great advice. Well done people.

Worth noting perhaps....powdered graphite is the right stuff to use in most situations except when in a relatively high humidity environment or near salt-water. Then Tri-flow or other teflon based or silicone based lubricants are adviseable.
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Thumbs up Graphite did the trick

Thanks for all the suggestions. Graphite powder did the trick. The difference is amazing - the key slips in and turns with no effort at all!

Sorry for the delayed followup. Solved problems seem to suddenly drop in priority.
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Thank you for posting back, it's always nice to hear how things turned out.
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I would strongly suggest that you consider a lock replacement even though your sticking key now works smoothly because Defiant is not very good quality for securing your home and family.
And considering that you've just moved in, at the very least have your deadbolt rekeyed to eliminate any other old keys that may exist that possibly were'nt turned over to you by previous the tenants.


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