Need to remove old interior door knob


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Need to remove old interior door knob

I have interior door knobs I need to remove. They're probably original from 1975. There are no screws on the knobs. There's a metal cuff over the barrel, between the knob and the door,with a small round hole (maybe 1/16") on it on each side of the door. Couple of web sites said to look for a smalll slot on the knob or barrel, but I didnt' see any. I peered in the small holes with a flashlight looking for a screw and all I can see are what looks like threads on the barrel. So I tried twisting the knobs off in both directions, and tried to twist off with plyers but that didn't work. I'm stumped. Anyone have suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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The round trim on one side will "pop off". Usually there is some kind of slot or indentation near the door. Usually one knob will also pop off - but maybe not.

One time I got frustrated an drilled a hole in the round trim and just peeled it off. New door knob needed, but at least I had instuctions !
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On a knob with no visible screws, the knobs will typically be held on by a spring retainer, often accessible with a small nail/poke tool through a small hole similar to what you described. (See the previous post about the Yale lock for more info.)

Once the inside knob is removed, the trim can be popped off as tribe_fan describes.

Any manufacturer name on the latch plate?

Once exception to this would be a Sargent 8-line which require the roses to be backed off to access the spring retainer. These are a heavy duty lock and typically not found on residences.

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