removing antique doorknob assembly


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removing antique doorknob assembly

i have an inside bedroom door that i need to change the inside/outside knob. it is now set to lock (with a push button) from the outside. it is a vintage doorknob assembly with a round escutcheon plate. here is how far i have gotten:

1. removed doorknob w/push-button locking system
2. removed 2 slotted screws holding securing plate in place
3. removed 2 screws from plate that touches door frame on side of door (don't know what it is called)

now the assembly is loose in the door opening but i can't get it out. i would like to remove it and flip the current direction of the doorknobs, i.e., move the inside knob out and vice versa.

there is some sort of a lever/push button on the right side of the exposed remaining plate that looks like you might be able to push it in and slide it down but it is very tight and i don't want to break anything.

what are my remaining steps?

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Welcome to the forums, blocked!

I am sorry, I am not quite following your description.

Where is the push button that locks the outside knob located-in the center of the inside knob?

When you say vintage-how old are we talking? Any manufacturer name-may be on the latch plate on edge of door?

Does it look anything like the knob in this link?:
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My first thought would be schlage too.

The knobset will only remove from the outside but only after turning the latch mechanism cover plate out of the way.

Remember to change the handing on the knobs too.
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all done!

i figured it out. in order to dismantle and remove the doorknob, i had to rotate an inside gold plate. of course this makes no sense without looking at it but mission accomplished nonetheless. i then just switched inside and outside knobs and re-put it all back together.

thanks for your attempt at helping! if it hadn't worked for me i was going to take a picture of it and post that.

blocked (no more!)

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