Deadbolt slightly off + backwards lock


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Deadbolt slightly off + backwards lock

Hopefully this is a simple thing for the seasoned veterans out there. I am a beginner. I just installed a new doorknob lockset. As much as tried, it always ended up with the thumb-turning portion horizontal when the door is locked and vertical when the door is open (the opposite of the way it normally is). I know it's not a huge deal, but it bugs me. How can I fix this?
Secondly, I used a template and drilled to install the seperate deadbolt. This was tricky because the door is metal on the outside, but filled with some type of insulated synthetic stuff (foam?). Anyways, I got the deadbolt in and it's slightly crooked. Meaning, where it says "Schlage" it on an angle and the bolt drags a little when locking. It appears that the chiseled part on the door may be uneven, as the bolt doesn't come out of the door perfectly straight. It's on a slight angle. I haven't installed the plate in the doorway yet to receive it. Also, because my hole is slightly crooked, there's a slight gap outside of the deadbolt ring on both sides in the door. What's the best way to fix/fill this?
Sorry to be so long-winded. It ended up being a little harder than expected.
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You could purchase a door protector (I think thats what it's called). It is a metal sleeve that fits over the area where you installed the lock and strengthens the whole fitting. It is usually used for repairing split door frames after a breakin, but could be used quite well to rectify this problem.

As for the thumbturn, it sounds like your timing is out....simply turn the connecting bar (tail piece) 90 degrees and refit the thumbturn.

Let us know your progress.
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A Schlage lock will always be horizontal locked and vertical open - nothing you can do about it.

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