Door locks when closed hard


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Door locks when closed hard

I have 2 Schlage H series (10 years old) installed in totally weather protected locations. I also have 2 more identical sets in exposed locations. Only the first 2 mentioned are having the same problem. When the door is closed sharply, the unlocked door now locks. I removed the assembly from one door and everything looks normal. It is probably normal but when the flat assembly interconnecting the key lock and the latch is turnrd end for end something shifts from one end to the other with a significant weight. If this is not a problem, is there a solution other than repacing the set?
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Hi Kippie and welcome to the DIY boards.
Thinking about your described problem when the door is "closed sharply", what comes to mind first is that the deadpin on the knobset is being "swallowed" by the Strike plate.
By swallowed, I mean that instead of the deadpin resting on the surface of the strike plate when the door is closed, it is going into the hole along with the latch.
This is often evident by scratch marks on the side of the deadpin.
If that is what's happening here, then the strike plate on the door frame would need to be adjusted to move it in a bit more.


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