Security updates


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Security updates

Hey all, I have cruised through these forums and other and I am doing as many security updates to my house as possible.

My next step is to get a lock box type key thing to keep all our keys attached to the wall.

I saw a nice one on the show "it takes a thief" on discovery but cannot find much like it around.

anyone know of one?

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Hi snowdogg,

I am assuming you are refering to the type that fastens to the wall, is small, and has a key pad with 10 numbered buttons? You usually can find them at a local box type store. (Either the blue one, or the Orange one. Both should carry them). If they don't have them, try your local locksmith. They may have them instock, or can order one for you. They come in different colors also. Personally, I like the white one.

Hope this helps.


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Two manufacturers make similar products to what cuedude refers....Master and Supra.
Supra is the better known one...They make the ones that Real estate agents use too.
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Two manufacturers??

The two manufacturers you cite make "lock boxes", which are often used on the exterior of a home or building to hold one key for access into the building. These are used by rental agencies, realtors, etc.

The other style box, which would hold "all our keys on the wall", is more often sized like an electrical fuse box, and has a lock on the exterior. But inside, are hooks to label and hang all your different "spare" or "master" keys for the house, cars, padlocks, storages, boats, etc.

This can be mounted on any wall. There are mounting holes on the rear panel and screws get locked inside. These are made by Buddy Products & MMF.

Good luck.
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Just to clarify;
The "key box" that Cuedude and GlobalLocky are referring to, offers protection if snowdogg intended to mount the box on an exterior wall.

The "key cabinet" that mylosttoy suggests holds more keys, but would not be mounted in a public place because it could be pried open easily.


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