Locks and Bolts


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Locks and Bolts

read this and would like to share it:

Home security systems have become essential in every home. But it looks like deadbolts and solid locks are still necessary.

Here's an article I just read from The Sun Herald about locks and bolts being crucial in deterring burglars from your home.


Home security systems have become a big business in recent years. But for many homeowners, strong door locks and deadbolts still provide the first line of defense against a home invasion or burglary.

A solid locking system on doors provides a solid deterrent for many burglars. The Home Safety Council offers the following sampling of key lock types that can be used to protect a home:

Lock/knob assemblies (locksets): Often the most simple, yet least effective lock. These are included as part of the doorknob assembly. A "privacy lock" has a lock on the inside knob only and is usually used on bathroom or bedroom doors. A "key-in-the-knob" lock comes equipped with a key slot on the outside knob and a button or "thumb turn" on the inside. "Locksets" consist of knobs or handles, a latch bolt assembly and any associated trim.

Surface mount, rim mount or vertical deadbolt lock: Three forms of a single type of lock which bolts flush against the inside face of the door. Vertical bolts from the lock slide up and down through a strike attached to the doorframe. This is the most easily installed type of supplemental security lock.

Internal deadbolt lock: An inexpensive supplement to key-in-knob locks. The best deadbolts have at least a 1-inch bolt with a hacksaw resistant steel pin. They are mounted inside the door and can be installed easily using a template provided by the lock manufacturer.

Mortise lock: These locks have both a deadbolt and latch bolt in a single assembly, and come complete with knobs or handles. Because of the need for precisely mortising the slot for these types of locks, professional installation is usually recommended.
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Hi Qwksand,

Thank you for this great post. As a Locksmith, I agree with it all. A good, reliable Security System is a good thing to add to any home. Whether you are actually home or not, usually there is either a call made to the Police, or a camera hidden somewhere in the home, business, or wherever. I like the systems without an overt alarm. That way, the bad guy has no idea he has activated it, until it's too late.

And having a good Deadbolt on your exterior doors is always a good determent to intrusion. However, of late there is a new method of entry I am told that is fast, simple, and has developed "clubs" that practice this type of thing for fun. (I won't go into how it's done for obvious reasons) Therefore, with the help of a local locksmith, you can install a hidden deadbolt on your door. It has the same bolt as a regular deadbolt, but has no exterior parts. It's basically just a bolt, and a thumbturn. Just make sure the bolt throws all the way out, as they lock in place preventing the old manipulation with a credit card or some other object.

To all, have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday Season.


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