It's locked and I can't get out!


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Unhappy It's locked and I can't get out!

My storm door deadbolt is broken and we can't get out. We never had the key, so that's not an option. The deadbolt part of the lock was really hard to turn, so I forced it and the spring broke. It's a Pella type lock. Can we drill the lock out? If so, where and with what size bit. I can replace it easily enough, if we can just get the old one out.

Please help right away!
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Welcome to the forums, screendoorcafe!

Sorry for the late reply. We also have a search function available in the bar above the annoucements so you do not have to wait.

I am not familiar with your lock but here is some general info from a previous post on drilling locks (cut and paste into your address bar):

Good luck!
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A pella type lock huh?...

I presume you mean an aluminium door with a built in mortise lock. It uses a Euro style key cylinder, sometimes with a thumbturn on the inside.

Usually these doors are three-point locking. If you have already removed the handles and the deadbolt is still locked and the thumbturn only need to slip a thin piece of spring steel into where the cam (on the center of the cylinder) is, from the edge, to manually manipulate the bolt mechanism and turn in the direction of the hinges. Lifting the spring loaded locking mechanism. It is unlikely the locking mechanism is broken however the spring could be.

This will enable you to slide the bolt back.

If you are really game...and not afraid of a small amount of repairable could spread the jamb open to allow access to the edge of the door...however thisd is unadviseable because of the three-point locking mechanism.

If you still want to drill the lock out....there could be a couple of alternatives here too.

You could drill for the retainer screw, close to the edge of the cylinder paralell with the bottom of the "Y" (thats the easiest way to describe what the cylinder looks like) You could drill a 1/4" hole there and break the cylinder retaining screw off to remove the cylinder to gain access to the mechanism. could drill a 3/8" hole directly above the cylinder to expose the locking mechanism. These holes will be easily covered by the lever handle furniture when you put them back on after you have replaced the lock.

Better a professional to do it for you....It will likely cost less in time and frustration.

Good Luck and let us know the outcome please.
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Smile We're Out now

Thanks for the advice. We drilled the lock out until I could get the deadbolt to move. Apparently, a collar-type thing had broken. Now that the door is open, I can see that the lock was manufactured by Wright, not Pella.

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