disabling door knob!


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Exclamation disabling door knob!

It sounds simple. I want to remove the door knob on an interior door. I popped of the plates covering the mechanism, but I can't get to the screws! The plates come against the knobs. The silver part of the door knobs that presses against the door have notches @ 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock. I've tried popping those plates off. I've tried twisting the plates with channel lock wrench, only to bend the brass colored covering. I am completely stumped. It's a Dexter brand knob. And it's not the only one in the home? Any ideas?
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Welcome to the forums, soperlane!

I am not real familiar with the Dexter brand but I used the search function (in the bar above the annoucements) and found a recent post by a fellow mod, WGW, that may shed some light:

In recent years Dexter knobs are attached with two screws through the inside rose (or trim plate). Unscrewing these would remove the knob.
But if I recall, the older Dexter knobs had a spring retainer that is located on the latch side of the knob. The cutout is best described as a slot and a pin or similar tool pushed into the center of the slot will release the knob. You should feel a slight springy resistance while pushing.
When you've located and are pushing on the retainer you should be able to just pull the knob straight out. No need to turn this one as you go.
If this is original equipment from 1989 though, I'd suggest spraying lubricant on the knob where it goes into the door and into the retainer hole as well because the original grease is likely solidified and will hold like you would'nt beleive sometimes.

Let us know if this helps.
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Dexter knobs either have a spring or disc or button just like already described.

It is located on the "neck" of the knob. You cant miss it.

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