Kwikset deadbolt (single cylinder) removal


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Question Kwikset deadbolt (single cylinder) removal


Deadbolts are new to me so please bear with me. We just moved here and came home to find the deadbolt loose (not falling off but just jiggling/wiggling some) and a small sticker removed from the outside of the deadbolt. I tried removing the deadbolt by removing the two screws from the strike plate but the strike plate is stuck to another plate/bolt housing. The only other thing I see is a small silver/gray slot/tab on the rim of the thumb turn of the cylinder cover (gold in color). I tried pressing on this tab but it just seems to be another round plate under the cylinder cover.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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A Kwikset Deadbolt will have 2 visible philips screws on either side of the inside thumbturn. Removing these will usually remove the inner plate and thumbturn and the outer cylinder will pull out easily.

If you have a Kwikset Titan Deadbolt, once you remove the 2 philips screws and the thumbturn plate comes off, you will often see 2 black slotted screws (hollow and threaded inside) that need to be removed to be able to take the outside cylinder off.

Quite possible, if you have the need to tighten these 2 internal screws in order to have the outside cylinder not loose.

The bolt mechanism also known as the backset mechanism will only come off when the cylinder and thumbturn have been removed. Removing the screws from the strike plate will do nothing. The strike plate is also known as the keeper and is found on the door jamb...where the bolt throws into to lock the door.
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GlobalLockey, Thank you!

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