Security bars on bedroom window


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Question Security bars on bedroom window

I have security bars on my bedroom window with a latch to release in case of emergency. This is a double window with the right side sliding open, the left side is stationary.

The left side window has split due to shabby installation (of course the company went out of business). I've had a few window companies come out to look at the window for replacement and they all said the same thing - the company should've given me a tool to remove the bolts. Since they didn't, the window can't be replaced.

Does anyone know how I get this tool since the company has gone out of business and I can't find another security bar company in my area or willing to help me because they didn't do the work?

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You may have to give up on the idea of salvaging the bars and simply have them removed by the window replacement company. I did the same thing last summer on my store window. The bars were very unfriendly looking, the window leaked and had bullet holes in it. The bars are gone and I have a new UVB and insulated window with a lifetime guarantee for replacement, including new bullet holes. I was out of town when the company removed the bars. I do not know if they used a blow torch or a chisel. Please know that the bars can be removed and the window replaced. If window security is an issue, there are security companies that offer window alarms for both opening and glass breakage.
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Without seeing the windows, it is difficult to determine what kind of tool you require.

However in alot of cases simply a torx screwdriver is required to remove the bolts or screws. They are coomonly available if they are the kinds of screws that use them.

a picture or more accurate description of the windows and bolts is required for more help

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