broken deadbolt part?


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broken deadbolt part?

I have a Schlage deadbolt in a Mastercraft exterior steel door.

The Mastercraft doors aren't mortised for the rectangular plates, so we used the round replacement plate that came in the Schlage set. This is the plate that goes around the bolt itself.

A while back the wood around the plate around the bolt got slightly splintered on the outside edge, and recently the plate has been coming loose.

Today, the plate got stuck and opening the door split it in half.

Of course the bolt still works, but....I'd like to get this fixed.

My questions:

1) what is the plate officially called?
2) Is there anywhere I might find the replacement part without buying a whole deadbolt?
3) Any advice to repair the wood around the hole (very small area, doesn't seem like epoxy wood filler would hold very well in such a small place) so that the plate will stay put?

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What you are looking for, is a face plate for a "drive in" application.

I would think that your local locksmith store would be able to supply a replacement.

A product I've used in the past is known by the name PL2000. It's a construction adhesive that bonds just about anything and dries rock hard. Just be sure to wear gloves when using it, because I have'nt found anything yet that will clean it completely off skin, and it takes a week to eventually wear off!

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Thank you! I should have thought of the locksmith.

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