Locked Out Of My Closet


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Locked Out Of My Closet

I have a Decorite lockset that locks when you push the knob forward. To open it, you must pull the knob out and turn it left. I NEVER lock the closet door, but today discovered it locked. When I pulled the knob and turned, the bolt would not turn. I worked with it time after time and in desperation took out the screw that runs through the middle of the knob. When I did this, the knob on the inside dropped to the floor. I tried using a flat head screwdriver horizontally in between the two claws (little curved like thingies that are attached to a metal plate that I assume should be able to be pulled back away from the door latch and pull the latch back so the door can open). No amount of tugging could get that device to release the bolt ... in fact it would not even move it. I tried placing a flat screwdriver down the slit of the door onto the bolt and pushed back on it. I am able to cause it to move a bit, not enough. When it does move back, the claw device does not move at all. It is as though they are not even attached. There is a thing running along the top in the device that looks like a spring, but it has no play in it at all. I have spent most of the day on it and am desperate.

Thanks for any help you can give me....

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Sounds like an old style Weiser privacy set. I know what you are talking about.
I checked the current Decorite catalogue and couldnt find it.

You definitely have a broken latch assembly. Might be best to get your locksmith in.

I would attempt to manipulate the "claws" with two small flatblade screwdrivers

Here is a picture of your latch I think... http://s115.photobucket.com/albums/n283/globallockytoo/?action=view&current=Decorite1.1.jpg

I believe Decorite offer a limited 20 year warranty on their products

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