Lost Key to ISEO Lock


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Lost Key to ISEO Lock

I have lost the only key to a ISEO lock for my back door. It is currently locked shut.

Can I get another key cut by specifying a code? Where is the code located?

If not - how can I remove the lock - as I cannot access the retaining screw (because the door is locked shut)

Thanks and regards
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Call a locksmith.
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Sorry, I am not familiar with that brand of lock.

Some manufacturers original keys will have the code stamped on the key, which does you no good in this situation unless you recorded it.
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ISEO is an italian made version of Yale. They most often use teardrop shaped (yoke) euro style cylinders. The common keyblank that works in many of these locks looks similar to the standard yale 9 keyway. they are often a 6 pin tumbler mechanism. Most often the key is inserted in European fashion...with the cuts of the key upside down....flat side up.

Your best bet would be to call a locksmith to pick open the lock...although if you are keen, remove the hinge pins and pull the door off the hinges. This will still not enable you to pull the cylinder out because the cam (central part of the cylinder) needs to turn either 45 or 180 degrees to enable the cylinder to be removed. There is no bypass, but this cylinder will bump fairly easily.

Any code will not be recorded. Commonly, if a code had appeared on a working key, this code was the direct cuts of the key.

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