Need Push Bar Lock Help


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Need Push Bar Lock Help

Hey guys,

I have a door that is not locking. The key enters fine and will turn up to the point where it actually does the "locking" and then stops. It is a push bar style door from the inside and on the outside it has a handle with the lock core on the top. I have tried spraying WD-40 in there to make sure everything was working smooth no change. I had a locksmith out and he didn't seem to know what the problem was and just gave me a quote to replace the whole system. It is an expensive quote so I am hoping there is another way. The door handle seems to not sit in the normal horizontal position now is hangs a bit (regularly the handle is in this position "-" now it hangs more like "\" just not as dramatic so you have a visual). This is for a commercial building so the sooner you can help the better, thanks in advance.
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A manufacturer name could be a great help. I am most familiar with Von Duprin.

There could be something broken or bent inside. Your description sounds like a mortise exit device. There may be a broken spring or bent retractor, allowing the lever to sag. It is possible that this would cause a misalignment preventing locking but there are many different designs.

That being said there probably is not an easy solution without disassembling it and seeing what is wrong.

Did the locksmith do this? Even if he could not fix it, he should have found what is wrong. If not, you may need a new locksmith, someone who knows commercial hardware.

If it is very old, parts may not be available, which may be why replacement is recommended.
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my first suspicion is a broken spring in the handle. If the handle is drooping, it could be preventing the locking mechanism from throwing fully.

With the door open....try locking the unit by lifting the lever, if this is definitely the broken lever return spring.

Often the cylinder is a rim style cylinder that the tailbar slots into a X shaped slot. If the slot has come adrift, it could explain why the cylinder turns quarter turn and jambs.

Brand name would help.

Many so called locksmiths are nothing more than glorified handymen. If your guy wasnt able to ascertain or fix the problem, he is probably not a trained locksmith.

I have trained many apprentices over the years and above all else I taught them to be methodical. Being methodical in their approach teaches them to solve virtually any problem.

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