Sclage lock problem


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Sclage lock problem

I need to replace a front entry door knob and lock. It is an older Schlage knob with a push button lock.

The hole in the door is inset 4" from the edge of the door to the edge of the hole and 5" to the center of the hole.

I cannot find any replacement knobs that are for a hole inset so far. Everything seems to be about 2 1/8" to 2 3/4" inset.

Is there any kind of lock that is made for such a deeply inset hole?

Any suggestions are very welcome and appreciated.

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While not common anymore, parts are still available for 5" backsets. The lock is the same, you need the longer latch or an extender.

Your local locksmith shop would be a good place to start and some online vendors may carry them also.
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Thanks for responding. After I posted I did a 'search' and found a lot of information from previous posts about this problem. I'm not the first one to look for a 'backset extender'.

I will be calling a local locksmith on Monday.

Thanks for your help!

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I'm sure you will have no problem finding a replacement 5" backset. In case you do, other manufacturers make 127mm backsets that will fit in place.

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