Door knob hole too small


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Door knob hole too small


I removed the door knob for my bathroom and closet (circa1942) to replace them with new ones. The knob hole is small, with wood screws holding the cover plate on.

I bought a knob drilling kit from Ace Hardware, with the circular drill bit. Unfortunately the instructions are for drilling a hole in a brand new door.... using a pilot hole to guide the circle. With the existing nickel-sized hold I have, I have no guide so the circular bit just jumps all over the place, and scratches up the area around the hole

Any suggestions? Thanks!
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Knob hole

Hey Doasfan

Clamp 2 small pieces of 1/2" plywood over each side of the door, in the area you need to drill. Measure and mark where the hole needs to be, then drill away. When the pilot breaks thru the other side, switch to that side and finish the hole.

Should be fine. Any questions, let us know...

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Hi DoAsFan;
The method that Gunguy45 has offered is the easiest and cleanest way to get your new holes drilled. There are other methods but they are'nt as reliable in ending up with a clean cutout.
Do let us know how it turned out so others may benefit as well.


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