Removing a jammed latch - help!!


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Removing a jammed latch - help!!

The door from my kitchen to my garage has a Weslock door lock. It seems that something has broken inside the latch mechanism, causing it to jam with the door closed.

I have successfully removed the knob/lock assembly completely. The only thing remaining is the hole in the door, and the jammed latch. Normally, the end of the latch pushes in causing the other end of the latch to retract, allowing the door to open. This is the problem: it won't push in. I've tried using a screwdriver between the door and frame to try pushing the latch into the door, but it, too, is jammed.

I'd like to get the latch removed applying whatever force necessary, but with minimum damage to the door. Destroying the latch is probably inevitable. What's the best way to go about this?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

CB Dawson
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Red face Problem solved

I was able to remove the latch by sliding a screwdriver into a slot along the top of the latch, and pushing a small lever which retracted the other end of the latch out of the door frame.

Autopsy of the latch reveals that the metal which activates that small lever had broken off (probably due to wear over the years) and so not only could it no longer push the lever sufficiently to cause retraction, but the broken piece fell in and jammed the rest of the mechanism.

Next step would have been to remove the hinge pins, but that turned out not to be necessary.
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You did it yourself before you got any help from us.

Glad to see it turned out ok. Sometimes a bad latch has to be torn out piece by piece.

Thanks for the update!

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