Help us remove an Arrow deadbolt


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Unhappy Help us remove an Arrow deadbolt

My daughter just bought a house. We are replacing locks. There is one Arrow deadbolt, double key, that we cannot remove. I've seen other posts elsewhere about a small set screw in the jamb and turning the key until it released. The problem is that there is no key for this lock. Does anyone have any ideas? Would be most appreciative for any help!
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Depending on the model, if you dont have the key, you will need to get the lock picked or bumped. You could of course make your own bump key, but you will need to source your how to elsewhere for that.
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Ahh well if it's an E - series double cylinder deadbolt. Your supposed to turn the key 1/4 turn to reveal the screws on the inside. There is a little steel disk in there that covers the screw holes to prevent you from removingthem with a screw driver without the key. There should be two circles where screws should be on the inside cylinder. Just take a screw driver and hammer and break threw the thin steel disk that covers the screw holes. And remove the screws.

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