rekeying multiple locks


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rekeying multiple locks

I have 1 key that fits 3 locks- my deadbolt and 2 regular doorknob locks (schlage). I need to rekey the locks. I read about using the rekeying kit and doing it myself versus having a locksmith come out. Can I rekey all 3 locks to the same key using this kit? I am not really familiar with how the kit works (or the locks for that matter, but I guess I will find out!), so I wasn't sure and thought I would ask for some advise before plunging in. Thanks.

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Most building supply stores (not the big box stores) offer rekeying for the locks they sell.

Find a local supplier who sells Schlage and contact them.
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being a locksmith, I dont recommend anyone doing it themselves, but I understand this forum is to help those who wish to try.

You can do it yourself with the kit, however be aware that you still will require the new keys to key the locks to.

Often you will find that the instructions in those kits may be a little vague too. Like realising that their are certain pin heights or stacks in different chambers that cannot work together.

Understanding that, depending on which model of Schlage locks you are using, there can be variance in pin heights and widths.

I have rekeyed Schlage "A" series locks and "F" series locks on sites that the customers wanted keyed alike, where the pin stacks were different heights in each cylinder.

In many cases, doing it yourself and having problems or creating further problems, can be more likely and this could consequently cost more for a locksmith to rectify than if you had a locksmith rekey them in the first place.

Understanding how to repin a lock....and actually doing it can be different.

Whilst there are certain skills that can be taught quickly, and one learned, are very easy to remember, sometimes it makes more sense economically to take it to a professional.

I rekey houses almost every day. Often there are three locks to rekey, key alike and supply 3 keys. My total charge on site for this is $75. If someone brought their locks to me it would be $30. Total time on average job is half hour.

By the time you take into consideration the cost of the rekeying kit, the time to do the job etc, can you see why sometimes it might be more convenient to take it to a pro?

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