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Need Recommendation

Hello all, I'm new here. I humbly ask your assistance.

I need advice on door lock and deadbolt sets that are keyed alike.

I live in a condo apt in the city of chicago. We are on the top floor. The front door opens to a stairwell with double locked doors at the bottom (door buzzers in units), and the back door opens to an open-air real stairwell. The back area of the building is behind a locked door, but if someone wants in to the back area, it's just a matter of jumping a fence.

I am looking to buy a set of two deadbolts and two door knobs, all keyed alike, i.e. all opened with one key. (See links to pictures below). I have been having trouble finding the right products in a set all keyed alike on the web, and stores like HD and lowe's don't have sets of two keyed alike either.

Where should I go to get what I need? Any recommendations on what brands to look into, what online retailer carries what I need, etc. are much appreciated.

I am a bit frustrated that it's not easier to find sets like this. Thank you for your help.
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Even a big box store should be able to handle this kind of thing. Look for matching codes on the package to indicate that the same key is used for each set of locks. If you can't find that, someone should be able to key one set to match another.
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Welcome to the forums.

As mitch said, the big boxes usually will rekey items you buy to match for no more than a nominal fee. If not, you can get them keyed at your local locksmith. You can save money by bringing them the locks.

Schlage is a decent brand. Sturdier locks will have a grade 2 rating, grade 1 is heavy duty commercial and grade 3 is residential. Not all locks will be clearly marked with this rating system though, especially in retail stores.

The generic "mighty" sounding brand names are typically the cheapest locks-Fortress, Defiant, Atlas.
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There are many locksmiths shops around Chicago, most of whom sell good quality products.

It is not allowed on this site to recommend any one particular business over another.

I have dealt with a few shops there and would be happy to make a recommendation in a private message if you want.

Many of the big box stores do sell a range of products and some will even key them alike. I personally dont trust them due to the fact that many times I have been called to customers houses (i'm a locksmith - not in Chicago) to repair locks that were purchased and keyed by them. Many times I have found, that they havent put the correct number of pins in chambers or they have keyed lock to such rediculously easy combinations (easy to pick or bump - that is).

In making a recommendation on a product, it is necessary to know how much you intend to spend. If you pay peanuts you will get monkeys. Same goes for product. The more you are prepared to pay, the better quality you will receive.

Example: Kwikset (bottom of the range), Faultless, Bird, etc. would range from $10 to $40 for a deadbolt and similarly for an entrance set.
Schlage (second from bottom) range in price from $30 - $120 for either product.
Bilock deadbolts sell for $99.00
Medeco deadbolts sell for $150.00

I offer a brilliant Biometric deadbolt with a Grade 1 bolt for $425.

If it is security you are requiring, I suggest up your spending on your desired product, but remember that the deadbolt is only as secure as the door and door jamb you are fitting it to.

I strongly recommend a Strikemaster II door jamb strengethener. It will virtually prevent a door from being kicked down....even with a cheap lock on it.

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