Bathroom door knob broken locked


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Bathroom door knob broken locked

My bathroom door is a standard door knob that has a small hole in the center to place a "bobbypin" object that would normally open it. After sometime I heard the center fall into the floor and the knob remains locked and the knob turns and turns. I have thought about taking a hammer and trying to knock the knob off. What do you think I should do?

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I think I would try to insert a thin screwdriver or pick between the bolt and catch plate to see if the bolt will move. If it does, you can probably pry it in enough to open the door. Once open, you can get to the screws and change the lockset. If the bold wont move at all, I would try to pop the knob off with a large set of channel lock pliers by bending it up and down. I think this will cause less damage to the door than a hammer might.
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Unless this a real tight fitting door, try as suggested above. Or the old burglar trick, take one of those fake cards you get in the mail, or a drivers permit. Push it in right where the latch is, pull the door, push the card , back and forth while putting pressure on the card. Very few interior doors won't pop open after a bit of trying. Then replace the lockset.
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Thanks for the suggestions. The door frame is in the way and I am unable to get anything bent or inserted between the bolt and plate. I will try to pop the knob off with a large set of channel lock pliers next
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This is a "far out" suggestion.....but it might prove successful, if you want to try it....

Take a tire jack, put a piece of wood under the bottom, butting up against the side jamb (the hinge side). Use a piece of 4x2 about 3' long, placing it between the top of the jack and the opposite side of the door frame. Wind the jack open, effectively flexing the door jamb. You should be able to flex it at least 1 to 2"...creating enough gap to slip the latch with a piece of plastic to open (loid) the door.

Then repair/replace.
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Got It!

I had actually broken another door in the process of trying to figure out the first door. But this door was an extra bedroom and the window happen to be unlocked..... So I was able to get to the latch and open it. This gave me confidence to tear into the first broken door, the guest bathroom. I took a hammer to the knob because everything about that door was sealed. A few times of thinking about knocking someone's head off, it fell off. I then took a screw driver into the hole and was able to turn something that pulled the latch and bolt back. This house is about thirty years old, so maybe it is time to replace some door knobs. Especially the ones you don't have another exit like a window or other door. I am glad no one got STUCK in the bathroom. Let's all make it a good day!
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Smile Locked in Bathroom Bedroom Latch broken

I managed to open the door by passing a strap (nylon Packaging string, preferably flexible string that can pass between the door frame and the door) over the top of the door. You will need very long (at least 4 meters) of the thing so that you can form a loop around the broken latch twice. I used the wire coat hanger hook to pull the strap under the door.

You will also need help from another adult who will continuously be pulling or pushing the door, depending or which way the door opens in a jerking motion when you are pulling the strap. The strap will form a loop around the latch which will spring back in when pulled out ...It might require few attempts as the latch may go into postion when not timed correctly in the door pulling or pushing motion.

It took me 3 attempts and nearly 2 hours of sweating and swearing. I was lucky to have the strap at hand " a farmer's electric fence material to keep herd of cattle together" as it had copper wire in it. Goodluck!!

These latches are a hazard. Someone can easily get locked in the bathroom or toilet as it does not give any warning when the bloody thing will break! Now I have to replace the latches in 12 doors in my entire house, hoping if I can find the right fittings as the builder who built these designer door furniture is long a last resort I will have to replace the entire fittings with new stuff.
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Thumbs up Whew!

All of the above posts were helpful.
My 5-year-old son was "experimenting" this morning as he locked from the inside and then shut the door from the outside.
By looking at another door, I learned to push in to unlock. Unfortunately, when I tried this on the locked door - it broke. I could here part of the lock fall to the tile on the other side (there were also some choice words that dropped as well). After that, the knob simply spun, and I couldn't seem to catch anything to pull the bolt back.
I didn't think the card option would be possible since the door stop was in the way, but I used a thin card (thank you American Red Cross) and after much exertion, I was finally able to wedge it in, starting at the bottom and working my way up. I had to come up at an angle when at the bolt. But I was finally able to get in.
I was so very close to the giving up point. My thumbs are so sore from the back and forth.

Thanks to all for the posts.
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For those of you who wish to avoid being "locked out" on these bathroom and bedroom doors which typically use so-called "Privacy Function" locks, there are several brands available that will not permit you to first lock the knob or lever, then close the door; the action of closing the door causes the inner locking button to pop back out, unlocking the knob or lever. I've seen this feature on many privacy locks using a "pushbutton" but not on any that use a "thumbturn" .....perhaps you locksmiths who do a lot of residential work might know of a thumbturn type with this feature?
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Question smashed doorknob, hole damaged metal door

knob spun, not unlock, smashed and punched out mechanism, on an insulated metal door, knob hole bent,,,will a new knob/lock work and can I cover the bent hole with a larger cover?
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If this is a typical cylindrical lock door prep, with a 2-1/8" diameter hole, & 2-3/8" backset, you can get a new Grade 2
(medium duty) lock, many of which come with large (3-3/8")
roses, so there is considerable overlap. If you have a 2-3/4" backset (not likely if this is residential) you can buy a Grade 1
(heavy duty) lock, which comes with even larger roses.

Alternatively, if you already have a new lock to install, you can get adaptor rings, (we call them "goof rings") which effectivly increase the diameter of the rose.

If your door is really botched up, you may have to install a
"MAG" sleeve, which wraps around the door. You can get these items at most locksmiths.

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