Replacing Old Lockset


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Replacing Old Lockset

Hello, everyone! This is my first time posting here, but I've been reading the forums for a long while.

I'm replacing an old cylinder lockset (circa 1950) on my exterior door (that has recent deadbolt installed) with a 2-piece Schlage Parthenon Handleset. (

The top part of the handleset fits perfectly in the deadbolt hole, but the bottom part (the handle) is posing an issue. The Schlage template is telling me to drill a hole approximately 3 inches from the door edge, but the current hole for the current lockset is set back approximately 5 inches from the door edge!

This wouldn't be an issue except for the fact that the latch doesn't reach far enough into the door to accommodate a hole set so far back! I can't reuse the old latch because it's broken, so I'm really in a bind here! It's a wonderful old door that I truly wish to keep (and I just spent three days refinishing it!) and so getting a new door isn't really an option I wish to pursue.

What can I do? Can I get a longer latch through Schlage (or anywhere else)? If not, is there some sort of brass trim plate that can fit over the door edge and cover the old hole and allow me to place the new lockset through a hole that I can drill in the correct location? If not, I really don't know what to do! I went through all the forums, and didn't see anything about this type of issue anywhere, so I hope it's not a rare issue!

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Welcome to the forums Lethdorr!

The 5 inch latch is still available but usually has to be special ordered. You can often find them online or your local lockshop can order one.
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Awesome! Thanks for your help!

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