Help needed with defiant lock


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Help needed with defiant lock

I have a defiant lock on my basement door (no other brand name visible) and i've locked the key to it inside the room. The windows have bars on them and are inaccessible. I've tried picking the lock but the pins are on the bottom part of the lock and i'm having a hard time dealing with a defiant for the first time. Ive noticed there's a little hole between the knob and the trimpiece and i'm wondering if it's possible to remove the knob while it's locked and somehow get into the room.
Any advice will be much appreciated, thanks
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Defiant is just another Kwikset. Fairly simple to pick. But if it is relatively new, you cant just pull the cylinder with an A1 puller, because the core needs to be turned to allow the retainer to drop.

I suggest flexing the frame and slipping the latch. If you flex the frame enough, the deadlatching pin on the latch will release far enough to slip the latch.

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