mailbox lock- lost the key, anyone knows how to drill a hole on this lock?


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mailbox lock- lost the key, anyone knows how to drill a hole on this lock?

I misplaced my key for my mailbox, this is not a USPS mailbox, its owned by the condo and the mailperson opens the back and drops the mail on each box, so I guess I am not commiting a federal crime(I hope) by drilling a hole on the lock. I really dont want to call a locksmith that will charge me for something that I can do and later replace for $6(I called ACE hardware store and that is what the lock costs). Anyone knows how to drill a hole on this mailbox lock? Any assistance will be appreciated.

(I called the condo. assoc. and they say that each tenant is responsible for the keys and if they loose the keys they have to call a locksmith which I would guess drill a hole on the lock and charge me.)
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Might try catching the mail person while they have it open to see if the lock mechanism can be released/removed. They may or may not allow you to do that.
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Usually so long as you can prove ownership to the box, the postman/woman will let you reach in to remove the horse shoe clip from the side they load from that holds your lock in and thereby remove the lock. Then there is no drilling and replacment is a 2 minute job.
Just be sure you have the identical tail piece on the new lock or it likely won't fit.

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Quite often the key number is marked on the inside of the box. If you can catch the mail person and find the number, a locksmith may be able to look it up and cut a new key. There are a limited number of keys used. How do I know? I used to work at a company that made apartment house mail boxes, among other things.
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if the number is not stamped on the keyhole...follow goldstar's advice. Otherwise note the number ...go to locksmith and get key to code for probably <$10

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