Old Schlage Lock HELP


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Old Schlage Lock HELP

I am trying to remove a OLD SCHLAGE LEVER LOCK. I took off the Handle and the Cover, & 2 Bolt Screws.

After you remove the 2 Bolt Screws Most of the time the locks come appart. But this one is a OLDER LOCK Maybe 10 Years +.

I have link of the lock i have here to show everyone:


I just dont know what to do. ANYONE PLEASE HELP!!!
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This is a grade 1 lever lock. Usually a copycat brand, not Schlage but uses a copycat keyway that is similar to the Schlage profile.

The lock is held on by a threaded bezel that sits around the long protruding shaft. You need to unscrew this brass colored "nut" to remove the whole handle.

Usually a special "spanner" or "wrench" is supplied to make this easier, but you can use a screwdriver to push the "nut" around until you can unwind it by hand.
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That ring-like nut with 4 notches that's threaded onto the spindle can usually be unscrewed quite easily with a small screwdriver or poke tool if you first re-install the 2 long tie screws & tighten them up pretty good; that takes the pressure off the ring-nut...(the underside of the ring nut is serrated so it tends to "seat" in place when tight.)

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