Schlage/Corbin Russwin


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Schlage/Corbin Russwin

We have a location with several locks, different brands and all different keys. We want to replace all hardware because most is old and poor quality, and we want to have everything keyed alike. We are looking at Schlage hardware with standard C keyway.

There is one lock that is newer, a Corbin Russwin. It is a G10 knob installed on an ED8400 exit device. Since we would like to have everything keyed alike, I wonder if there is a cylinder for the Corbin Russwin knob that has a Schlage C keyway? I have done some searching and can't find out what type of cylinder this is, but I see that Schlage does make some cylinders that are compatible with Corbin Russwin. I just have no idea what would work with that particular knob.

If there's no easy solution, an extra key won't kill us, but I'd like to keep it uniform if possible. Thanks for any tips on this!
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GMS manufacture a wide range of cylinders to suit many different manufacturers. You can order in SC1 profile or Yale or Kwikset etc.

GMS are fairly good quality. Can you take a pic of the lock in question?
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Can't remember specifically on the C/R, but many manufacturers exit device knob/lever trims have the poke hole retainer in the spindle housing...look for it to be facing the edge of the door. Turn the key 1/8-1/4 turn, use a paperclip to push the retainer thru the hole, while pulling out on the knob. Take the knob with cylinder to a local locksmith so he can match the cylinder size, and key it to your Schlage key.

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