lock sets with handles


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lock sets with handles

I need a 2 handle set ....2 1/8 the whole thing including the bolt that goes into the catch. I dont need a deadbolt . On the inside the handle needs to point out to the left as you face it. Is this called a left handle???
The outside lever needs to point to the right and push down to open. What do I need to look for at Lowes?
Does Lowes and HD have a good selection of cheap sets?
I want a SMOOTH action and easy install and not flimsy.
I assume the sets today are kind of like the drawer slides of today...using bearings and neoprene to attain smooth action or something like it. I havent bought a set since the 70s.thanks.
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Assuming this is for your home, and not business, I'd stick with the Schlage F series cylindrical lock (goes in a 2-1/8" hole, with 2-3/8" backset) avail. at most big box and hdwe. stores. Note that some lever designs and functions are reversible for left or right hand doors, but the ones that are not will clearly indicate on the package if they are right or left hand. You have a right-hand door, as it opens IN to the RIGHT.
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If you want flimsy, then follow rstripes advice and choose those brands.

There are plenty of better quality products. You really need to set a budget.

If you want quality, that will last, you will be required to pay for it. Brands like Baldwin, are guaranteed for life, made from superior materials but can cost up to 3 times that of Kwikset or Schlage.

Given the choice, I would never recommend those brands for quality and value for money.
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Or, if you want to go broke, follow Global's advise. (There's a reason why you find Baldwin locks primarily on wealthy homes...they serve a high-end niche market, offering a wide and unusual range of finishes and designs, at premium prices).

Unless I misunderstood the poster's request, he's not concerned with security, he just needs a latching lever-set to hold the door shut, that's cheap, easy to install, reliable and not "flimsy". He'll be alright buying anything other than the under $20 Grade 3 imported junk that changes brand names every 2 or 3 years.

As for value, unless it's for commercial use, or a solid-core heavy, residential door that will get VERY frequent use, I'll stand by my recommendation for the Schlage F series latchsets.

Twelve years ago, I installed 17 of these leversets in various functions throughout my house, and they all still look and operate like new.....the only routine maintainence is to the oft-used garage door, which is opened 15 to 30 times a day:
a dab of grease on the latch about once a year, and an occassional wipe-off of kids' sticky fingerprints.

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