slide bolt into floor


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slide bolt into floor

I have a french door that I have added a slide bolt (kind of) too.

The lock is on the side of the t-astrigal. One bolts up into the doorjamb. and the other bolts down into the floor.

I am going to drill a 5/16" hole to accept the bolt in the floor. But cannot seem time find hardware for this hole.

Anyone know of any grommets, metal sleeves, or anything for this application?
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Usually a plate with a hole in the middle and screw holes,one on each side,comes with the bolt.I'm not sure where to tell you to find one by itself.A lot of various barrel bolts etc come with one,it might be easier to just buy a cheap barrel bolt and use the plate out of that.If you had the equipment or knew someone who did,a mending plate could be used with a hole drilled in the middle of it,say a 1 1/2 or 2 inch one but it would be plain steel.
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You didn't mention what kind of material the bolt's going into...
If it's an aluminum threshold, all you need's the hole. Hardwood threshold, I'd step-drill it so you end up with a clean un-splintered hole & leave it at that. BTW, does the inactive door leaf not have flush extension bolts already?
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Go to a canvas or tent manufacturer. They usually have many varying sizes of grommets. They use them for eyelets. Quite common actually.

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