Schlage B60 Grade 1 Deadbolt? Schlage Electronic


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Schlage B60 Grade 1 Deadbolt? Schlage Electronic

Hey guys,

I have bought a new home and instead of re-keying the house, I am going to replace all the locks.

Each exterior door has a deadbolt, and a locking knob. I intend on replacing the deadbolt with the Schlage B60 Grade 1, and the knob with a matching Schlage finish.

The hangup I have is on the entry door. It is a standard distance for mounting hardware? The current one is a two piece, with only the deadbolt being locking.

I am on the fence with replacing it with a Schlage entry set electronic keypad, or just a regular handle-set. I can't seem to find an handle-set combo that is Grade 1, unless I buy the deadbolt separate and hope the finish matches

The front door is within line of sight of the residential street, and doesn't have much placement for a person to hide. So I am more concerned with the back and garage entry door.

Any help or recommendations would be appreciated.
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Grade 1 products are designed for commercial applications, which is why you will not find residential style fancy shmancy entrance sets.

If you are concerned about quality and function, you might consider Baldwin products. They are priced higher but they are guaranteed for life. The quality is excellent and they make many varieties of entrance hardware. It is all Grade 2.

I can understand peoples desires to go with the electronic stuff because of access control, but that doesnt stop someone from sharing a code does it? Also the quality of the electronic stuff for residential use can be questionable too. It has improved significantly in recent years but is still prone to having many faults.

I see you are in Ct. That is a cold climate. Wireless electronics does not work very well in cold environments. You might consider mechanical products for this reason. If you are trying to control access, perhaps a restricted key system would be useful.
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Thanks for the reply! The locks are actually going on our new home in Celebration Florida, so more a humidity issue than anything else.

I ended up ordering the electronic lock, however I will report back on my findings on use.

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