How to customize schlage keypad deadbolt lock with dummy cylinder?


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How to customize schlage keypad deadbolt lock with dummy cylinder?


I would like to find a way so I can set Schlage keypad deadbolt lock with a dummy cylinder (so the physical key would not open the lock)

The model of this lock is below:
Schlage Lock Keypad Deadbolt Plymouth: Compare Prices, View Price History and Read Reviews at NexTag

I called Schlage but they told me that this model is sold with keypad and specific cylinder together. So I wonder who could help me to customize this lock. Thank you so much.
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Though I've not re-keyed this lock before, I think the cylinder is removable for that purpose, if you are concerned that the existing key may have fallen into the wrong hands. If, on the other hand,you want to eliminate the possibility of someone picking the lock, like the poster under the title "How to add a slide bolt..." I would ordinarily suggest that same "Lock-out tip" be used in your lock as well, but we need to confirm that this cylinder is in fact, re-keyable, which would allow the lock-out tip to be easily removed, should you want to restore normal key operation at some point in the future.

Perhaps another smithy has experience with the feasability of re-keying this lock?
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The cylinder can be replaced by almost any High-Security cylinder allowing for complete and total key control. (Only you can authorize for keys to be made) You will know how many keys can exist and can have total control over their issues.

I personally would not recommend, disabling or rendering the cylinder inoperative (dummified) because if the batteries fail or the electronics fail, what fall back do you have to still operate the lock?

Too many times I have seen customers install this or that latest electronic product (with no mechanical overide) only to be locked out or be affected by weathering or other circumstances.

It is up to you, but I suuppose you could break a key in the existing cylinder......that would prevent any key from entering/working and is far cheaper than buying a dummy IMHO.

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