kwikset smartkey deadbolt stuck


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kwikset smartkey deadbolt stuck

I have an 8 month or so old kwikset deadbolt I bought from home depot that recently stopped working. My wife said the key got stuck and then she had to wiggle it out. I took apart the deadbolt from the door and I noticed that the keyhole is horizontal and only moves a little either way. Essentially the key can not be moved enough to unlock the lock. So to my untrained eye, it looks like the lock is stuck in the "lock" position. I move the inner parts as much as I can, but I can never get it to match the unlock state of the deadbolt. The deadbolt latch works fine when operated by hand.

Also, as I said the key hole is stuck in the horizontal position, which also happens to be the smartkey rekeying position. However, I can not fully insert the smartkey in order to rekey the lock. I'm not sure what that means. I tried putting wd-40 on the keyhole to no avail.

Has anyone ran into this and is it possible to fix it? Is it some sort of auto lock mechanism that can be reset? If there is no easy fix, price wise, whats my best option, get a replacement from home depot at $35, or go to a locksmith? Thanks
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Do you still have the smartkey probe? If so, try inserting it and turning the key back vertical. I know you said you had a smart key, but was not sure if it was the probe thingy. Can you get the door opened? If so, loosen the screws holding the latch in the door and try returning the key upright.
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take the lock off and return it to homo depot. they are getting them back in droves, so they will replace it, most likely. I do suggest that you replace the lock with a non-smartkey product, because the products are not performing as they are supposed to.

If you want to have a rekeyable product without having to remove the deadbolt, then look for Bilock Quick Change Core products or Best LFIC or SFIC products. Replacing the core is far easier and more reliable than either the schlage or kwikset brands.

No apologies here, but buying the smartkey or the securekey products, you are a glutton for punishment. If you pay peanuts, you will get monkeys.

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