Hey another lock stuck thread. Not sure of brand. Pic though!


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Red face Hey another lock stuck thread. Not sure of brand. Pic though!

not sure which part to try and wiggle or loosen or turn or whack. no space in between strike plate and door to try and use a screwdriver to push the lock back - if that is even possible - not sure if this has one of those mechanisms to prevent "credit card" entry. maybe this is just a locksmith type job?

thank you for any help. i have been reading on how to unstick a stuck lock but i haven't found that particular lock (well maybe i did and didn't know it).
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Looks like a deadbolt, and assuming the center hub does not spin freely, it suggests the bolt is in a bind....the usual suggestion is to apply a turning force with an appropriately sized screwdriver in the unlock direction with one hand, while prying with a large chisel or similar with the other hand. (Two people works better).

Binding most often occurs due to door sag, so first try prying UP by wedging the chisel between the bottom of the door & the threshold. If no success, try prying adjacent the bolt to spread the door from the jamb. Removing the hing pins will also give you a bit more play or tolerance.

If the center hub just spins, the linkage is broken, and the door will have to be spread with chisels sufficiently to pry the bolt back.

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