Please help Deadbolt lock one side is very hard to open


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Please help Deadbolt lock one side is very hard to open

I am having a problem unlocking dead bolt lock which is on front door at home.
The issue is the inside lock is easy to open, and the outside lock has gotten harder to turn and have a feeling the key may break the next time inserted.

I realize the locks or hardware, components or whatever the correct term are different inside and out and am including photos. I have tried graphite to no avail, and the key looks to be an exact cut. There is another non deadbold lock below which but cannot count on using it as obviously not secure.

I have not had a problem in the past, keys worked perfectly, and am hoping there
is some fix that is not too complicated for me, $$ is very tight now so unfortunately I cannon afford a locksmith so any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Note: The darker lock is on the outside:

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Getting a new deadbolt is probably the most fool proof fix and cost about $20+ depending on the lock you pick. Installation can usually be done in a few minutes with just a Philips head screw driver.

Sometimes I have seen the inner and outer half get out of alignment. Unscrew the two screws in the deadbolt a couple turns. Enough that you can move the lock around in the door a bit. Try working the outer key lock and move the lock around in the door. If you find a spot where the key lock works easily tighten the screws down in that position. If you cannot find a spot where the lock works easily than it probably not an alignment issue.

It looks like your lock is old, so it may just be time to replace it. Things sticking and getting difficult to move can sometimes be a warning of something getting ready to break.

I know I'm going to get flamed for saying this but you can also try squirting WD-40 into the key slot and from the end of the door spray into/around the bolt. The lubricant spray may get into places the dry graphite powder did not reach.
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If it will easily move with the door open...then you have some sort of strike plate misalignment. Otherwise I agree with PD. They make a liquid suspension of graphite (lock ease?) that works well.
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Steer clear of WD40 unless you want additional problems down the track.

WD40 is not designed as a lubricant, even though it is marketed as one.

WD stands for Water Displacement and 40 is the 40th formula that actually worked.

It was purposely designed to dry out wet points in engines that had been submerged in floods. Then instead of having to tow each vehicle out, they could drive them out.

WD40 will temporarily lubricate an object, however it will dry out and gum up.

I suggest your door is out of allignment too. If the lock operates smoothly when the door is open, this is definitely the case.
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re: Please help Deadbolt lock one side is very hard to open

Thanks for all your great replies!

I along with so many other users of these forums are so fortunate to have this community and nice folks like all of you who give of your time and great advice to those who need it..
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