Schlage locks


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Schlage locks

I have 6 different schlage locks in my house. I took them to a lock smith to get them master keyed. He told me, that they were to cheap to be master keyed. I was surfing the net, and found pins to master key these locks. Who is right, the lock smith, or are the master pins I saw a rip off.
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I have 6 Schlage locks in my office on master key. have my word, our construction guy bought cheapest locks he could.
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Rather than "master" keying them, why not just have them keyed alike?? Less pins to use and much easier.
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Better quality Schlage cylinders are usually slightly more expensive. If you are using Schlage "F" Series locks, these cylinders are die cast and use very poor tolerances, but they can still be master keyed. master pins are very cheap, but master keying involves certain principles that need to be adhered to for correct operation.

Average cost of a master pin is less than $0.02 each.
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I've master keyed Schlages before without issue.
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Edward, you may be mistaking the term "master keying" for "keyed alike".. In a master keyed system each lock retains a "change key" that will operate that lock only and no others but there will be a "master key" that operates all locks. There is almost no need for master keying in single family residential situations.

The one that comes to mind is if you have children that have individual locks on their bedroom doors to keep out their siblings but you and your wife desire a single key that will open any door. A variation would be a system that includes sub-masters and grand masters. The children would have a sub-master that would unlock the outside doors (or selected outside doors) along with their bedroom doors while you would have the grand-master that would unlock any door. These systems are NOT inexpensive and simply issuing two keys makes more sense in most cases.
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I think "SecuraKey" is the only Schlage key lock that can't be masterkeyed. Even the old wafer locks can be masterkeyed.

Doing it yourself is a little tricky without the proper tools.

Your "locksmith's" statement tells me you'd better seek another smithy....

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