Mailbox lock fastener


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Mailbox lock fastener


I live in a co-op with old apartment style mailboxes in the foyer. Over the years a variety of screws and fasteners have been used when the locks have been replaced. Some of the mailboxes have normal screws, while some of them have a fastener that is flush on the outside surface. Can someone tell me what the of fasteners seen in the below pictures are called? We'd ideally like the replace the ones using screws with something like the below to make things more uniform and slightly more secure (you can unmount the locks mounted with normal screws from the outside with a common screwdriver currently).


External (one fastener on either side of the lock):

The back of the lock (fastener seen on the left):
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Those look like pop rivets although the pic on the inside looks a bit different from typical pop rivets that have been installed. Need a pop rivet tool to install them. I would caution, though, that those don't provide much security; I could be into that box in about 10 seconds. The ones in the pic look like aluminum rivets, steel ones would be a better choice. The aluminum ones could be defeated pretty fast, steel ones a bit more resistant to a hammer and chisel or cordless drill.
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definitely pop rivets there. You might consider using thru-fix screws which are normal metal thread screws with a concealed cap outside, similar to a nut but round headed. That will make it more secure than pop riveting.
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Great, thanks for the help. I'll look into pop rivets and thru fix screws.

I know these locks are terrible. I've picked my own several times when my key wasn't handy. This is more about just trying to get rid of some unsightly giant screw heads that are sticking out of some of the mailboxes. A lot of the mail doesn't fit in these tiny boxes and ends up in a communal bin anyway, so there isn't much security to be had once someone is in the front door.

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