Argus Follower #2 (001)


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Argus Follower #2 (001)


I sometimes repin my own locks (if it is simple to do so -- eg. oval cylinders).

I have an Argus plug follower (Follower #1) that apparantly works for changing most cylinders (ie. the ones with C4 key ways -- which is very common in Australia).

I've noticed that there is an Argus follower #2 (on the packaging for the Argus follower I have it lists the other followers that are available) and it says that it is for "001". I assume this means the the Lockwood 001.

Why does the Lockwood 001 require a different plug follower? I thought that since it too has a C4 key way by default it would work with the same follower that I have at the moment.

(By the way I know that for the inside lock of the 001 repinning can be complicated since the top pin needs to correspond to the bottom pin as there isn't much room in the bible)

Also, this is just for my own curiosity, but for the Gainsborough locks (TE2 keyway) I've heard that the pins are different to Lockwood. I'm not going to be changing these anytime soon, but I'd like to know whether LAB sells the pins for these. (I know they sell the pins for Lockwood but not too sure about Gainsborough).

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This is not a discussion for the DIY forums, in my opinion. It is starting to get quite technical and may be better suited to a locksmith forum.
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Yeah no worries. I asked someone and I think I have the answers to most of my questions. I shall not discuss here because it's becoming quite technical. (Although I think repinning your own locks, including the Lockwood 001, is DIY...)

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