kwikset handlesets have adjustable mounting length?


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kwikset handlesets have adjustable mounting length?

So, moved into a new house and we have a schlage handleset in a antique brass finish on the front door. My wife and I have decided to go with a satin nickel kwikset handleset that matches the rest of door knobs we replaced around the inside of the house. The bottom-most mounting point (i think it's called a through-bolt) on the schlage is adjustable. My question is, is the kwikset the same? I looked up the install instruction online for the kwikset handle and it specifically says to measure 8 13/32" from the door knob mounting point to the through-bolt point. The hole on the door is at 8 7/16" at the moment. I don't want to drill any new holes in the door. Or should I be safe and get another schlage handleset? Thanks for the feedback.
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Personally, I think Schlage makes a better product than Kwikset. We have Kwikset hardware in the office and a lot of the knobs started failing about ten years after installation. I'm only seeing signs of wear on the Schlage hardware on my parents' home in the last year or so and that stuff was installed 30 years ago.
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I doubt a 32nd of an inch is going to matter. Even if you needed to enlarge it a bit by will be covered by the handle.

As to Schalge vs Kwikset......if they are just the basic Big Box stores of either brand...I can't see much difference.

I have Kwikset throughout the house...mainly because I happened to walk in a Lowes when they were doing last minute markdowns due to a product reset the next day. Couldn't argue with paying $1.50 for passage sets, $2.00 privacy sets and $3.00 for deadbolt sets. The whole house cost less than the front entry door set.
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it will make a difference when you tighten it all down for sure... is the door wood ? metal and foam ?
There are places that rent tools.. you should get a jig, place it on dead center of the hole and away you go ;-) if you dont want to do that in a pinch a RAT file will work going around the hole inside and out.. also you may have to adjust the backset hole ( side of door ) one side has hondges and the other the backset.. those are mostley 2 3/4 and 2 3/8.. although back in the day Qickset make this 7 inch backset back in the 70's come to think of it i have a few of those hanging around... best luck and let us know what the end result is..
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just drill the hole slightly bigger
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Ditto, Global's advice.
(Sounds like Kwikset either converted from metric, or the castings were off enough to require the odd measurement)

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