Replacing Schlage Cylinder with Kwikset Cylinder


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Replacing Schlage Cylinder with Kwikset Cylinder

I've got a deadbolt lock on one of my doors that has a Schlage lock, but the rest of my locks are Titan. I'd like all the doors to work with the Titan key.

I did some Googling, and now understand Titan to be part of the Kwikset family, but the Titan uses 6 pins rather than 5. What are my options?

I went to Home Depot and found an old Titan cylinder, and it actually fits in the Schlage housing, but the 6th pin sticks out the back. The lock actually works, but the Titan cylinder is too long, so the cylinder moves in and out of the housing a little bit.

Next, I went back to Home Depot and found a Kwikset 5-pin cylinder, re-keyed it, and it fits correctly. My Titan key doesn't seem to care that there is no 6th pin.

The lock now works with my Titan key, but I don't have the correct little screw-on cap for the back of the Kwikset cylinder. The one I have allows the long spring and pin to fall out the back of the cylinder. My old Schlage screw cap has a slightly different thread pattern, so it won't work.

I guess my actual question is what to do? Should I just buy a new Kwikset deadbolt, and use the cylinder from it, or is there a place to get the small part I need?

One other issue is that the Schlage lock is upside down, and I don't see how it can be flipped over. The cylinder housing is notched to orient in one direction, and if I flip the cylinder, the pins are 180 out of line.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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cheaper to buy a new deadbolt

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