Schlage Handleset Thumbpress Problem


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Schlage Handleset Thumbpress Problem

Hi everyone. I am new here so thanks for helping in advance. I have a Schlage handleset on my house built in 1995. It most closely resembles the Century model. The thumbpress keeps sticking every 6 months or so. It will work for a while then stick in the half-down position. The thumbpress still works but I can't imagine this being right. Also, when the thumbpress gets stuck the interior door knob only turns one way.

I took apart the lock to see if I could see what the issue was. A little rectangular plastic piece fell out. It must have been causing the sticking issue as the thumbpress retracts all the way now. Can anyone assist me by telling me where that piece sits so I can reinstall the handleset? I appreciate it!
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Welcome! Not familiar with plastic parts on Schlage handlesets of that era, can only say I've installed a few after 2001, where evidently, they've changed to all-metal operating parts, and these work very well. Hopefully one of our other advisers is familiar with this model.

Only thing to add is, if you do figure it out, apply grease to the linkages & contact points before re-assembly, as handleset mechanisms seem to suffer more when not properly lubricated than other types of locks.
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I need to see a pic of the part to tell where it goes

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