Need Help Identifying type of lock needed


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Need Help Identifying type of lock needed


I have a door that was at some point with a keyed lock but has long since been lost. Its not a lock style that I am familiar with, the door has a hole for a keyed cylinder but there is no hole through the thin side of the door where typical catches(or whatever the proper term for the retractable protrusion is) would slide through. Nor is there a hole in the door frame to recieve one. Its a big metal door and jam. There is a lip for a bolt to catch one. Currently there is an internal slide bolt that can only be opened and closed from the inside.

I would like to find a keyed sliding bolt that can be opened from outside/inside. Any suggestions? I've looked through Home Depot site and none of those locks will suit. Companies, lock names for keyword search, some kind of lead on where to find this style of lock.


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Welcome to the forums.

It's funny. I do a lot of work in malls and I see that same setup. A handle with a lock, no latch or strike plate. Slide deadbolt on the inside.

It looks like the doors were originally intended to be installed to operate with a lock and key but the idea was changed for security reasons to just use the slide bolt.

That may be the same issue you are facing. The door and frame may have to be be cut to install a working lock.

The picture below is a surface mounted dead bolt. That may work for you.
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As PJ indicated, there may have been a rim lock of some sort on there...Other than the cylinder hole you mentioned, are there screw holes on the inside surface of the door and adjacent frame that might indicate a rim or night latch? What is the diameter of the "Cylinder " hole? What is the backset? (edge of door to centerline of cylinder hole)

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