Looking for a double sided lock-no key required


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Looking for a double sided lock-no key required


I'm replacing all the door knobs and in the master bathroom I have a knob that can lock/unlock from both sides without a key. I am looking for this type of knob in bronze but don't know what it's called...anyone know??? Also, where I could find one??
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A door knob that can be locked and unlocked from both sides without a key... what's the purpose of the lock function? I would go with a non-locking door knob or a more traditional bed/bath faucet that can be locked and unlocked from one side.
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I think what they are looking for is a privacy lock..... which you would find in a bathroom as Dane mentioned.

Lockable on one side, commonly by push button, emergency release on opposite side with just a metal "pinlike" tool. Used in bedrooms to keep out the young ones that just start traveling.
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there are many and varied styles, brands and versions of privacy locks. The style and color ranges varies from brand to brand.
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Yeah, probly means "Privacy" function. Pushbutton/turnbutton on inside knob, poke hole in outside knob. You may have to order from a locksmith if unusual finish is desired; there are several "Bronze" architectural finishes avail, ask your local smithy to see a catalogue/sample of avail bronze finishes. Expect to pay more than your garden variety brass/chrome/antique finishes.

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