Reliable Garage Door Lock


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Reliable Garage Door Lock

I have a problem with a party in my nieghborhood that has been stealing and vandalizing my property for some time now and has evidently used the information available on sites like YouTube to master the knack of picking locks. From what I've heard, the typical T-handle locks that are made for overhead garage doors are particularly easy to pick and all the ones I've tried seem really cheaply made. Do any of you guys on this forum have any suggestions on what brand might be more reliable that the usual junk that Lowe's and HD stocks? I haven't been able to find any but my gut feeling is that there must be some manufacturer out there that makes a decent one.

Any and all suggestions will be really appreciated. And thanks in advance for any help here you can provide.
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Guessing you don't have an automatic opener? What about a man door on the side of the garage?

There can be a trade off in safety and security. If you want easy access by just opening the main door, instead of going in the mandoor and opening the main door from the inside...then possibly a security hasp and padlock would be an option. If you don't mind going in from the side...a simple slide lock would work.

They do make wireless electronic locks for garage doors that mount inside...but they aren't cheap.

Also depends on the type of door...they make some biga$$ ugly locks that are installed outside into the concrete driveway, but again, not cheap and real ugly.
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Thanks, Gunguy

Thanks, Gunguy.
You beat me to the punch here. I just got done posting about buying a good padlock for the man door to this garage. If I can do it at a reasonable price, I'd buy both and, since you didn't mention any good garage door locks, I'm guessing there aren't any. Any suggestions on a reasonably priced padlock that will do the job?
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On overhead garage doors, drill the tracks for U bolts, and put a nail on the wall so that you have a place for them when you take them out. Or, if you need more than that, use the same hole for a padlock.
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I'm not aware of "high-security" versions of the typical "T" or "L" handle as is found on garage doors and file cabinets...Corbin used to make a small 5-pin tumbler version that may still be available under the "CCL" label, which would be a marginal improvement.

If you're willing to do a little "southern engineering" the so-called Vending machine pop-out t handle which use various brands of pick-resistant cylinder might be adaptable to this application....see if your local smithy has one for you to look at. They are quite secure.

A little uglier-looking but easier to install, but not necessarily cheaper, would be a hardened steel hasp (for 90 degree applications) thru-bolted, with your choice of better padlock, 2 of these if it's a double-car door.
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I am a Bilock dealer and we make "L" handles with High-Security restricted key cylinders that are 100% bump proof and virtually pick proof.

I think we also have a T handle version too. It's black....i'll have to check

They are expensive mind you.

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